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I've tried a number of podcasts. Some I became hooked on, others I outgrew; but my podcast app has a great group of five that I want to share with you.

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Whoever said “You are your own worst enemy” never met Skeletor. But, the guy who said “You are your own worst DJ” was not only wicked handsome but also quite correct. And he was me!

When faced with quasi-infinite prairie highways I once endeavoured to pack my most favourite music with which to entertain myself, only to discover that I hated my favourite music. Actually, I just needed to be surprised now and then. I binged on audio books until one day a dude sent me a link to a podcast. That link turned out to be the first drop in a bucket of medium height but with a substantial diameter.

I tried out a number of podcasts. Some I became hooked on, others I outgrew. My commute is considerably shorter these days (like instead of flying from Tatooine to Hoth I’m just walking to a different hut on Tatooine) so I don’t seek new shows as much as I used to but my podcast app has a comfortable little group of five smiling out at me:

The Fighter and the Kid

Brendan Schaub, a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC, and Bryan Callen, an actor/comedian, talk about fighting, sports, entertainment and life in general. They are often joined by interesting guests from comedians and fighters to doctors and veterans. WARNING: The content can be a bit raw so it is for mature listeners, but not mature like grown-up and fancy, mature like old enough to watch Robocop (but not in that trashy I-let-my-four-year-old-watch-Robocop way).

KungFu Podcasts

T.W. Smith serves concise packages of martial arts news, history, and mythology. His podcasts are thoroughly researched and presented in a balanced manner. Many of the single subject episodes come in at a shorter running time, making them a great choice for listening to on the way to a martial arts class or workout. While this is a great supplement to your martial arts journey it is not overtly instructional so if you want to learn how to kick people in the face you’ll still have to read Kicking People In The Face for Dummies.

Under The Influence

Terry O’Reilly’s weekly radio show on CBC retells some of the marketing industry’s greatest successes and most comical missteps. Terry’s calm and even delivery complement his stories about branding, controversy, and subliminal Buy The Pug Watcher’s Guidebook at Amazon advertising.


Vampires! Werewolves! Ghosts! Now, pretend I basically whispered that stuff in your ear accompanied by a moody piano. Writer Aaron Mahnke digs deep into the history surrounding some big legends as well as lesser known myths. The variety of subjects is great and the spooky tone will make you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire hearing a ghost story (you could enhance this feeling by setting some things on fire but I don’t officially recommend it).

The Tobolowsky Files

This is the odd podcast out on the list because, confession…I only ever listened to one episode! The reason is simple, Stephen Tobolowsky describing the games of his childhood in Episode 70: Maps of the Ancient World is so epic and wonderful that either the other episodes will not live up to it OR they WILL live up to it meaning I will have to give my life over to this podcast completely, leaving my family to starve alone. Stephen Tobolowsky was best known to me as Ned Ryerson, the insurance salesman from Groundhog Day but he is also in pretty much every other movie and television show that was ever made. Now, close your eyes and imagine a movie where Dan Akroyd is a quality assurance worker for a videotape company in the 90’s and all day, everyday, he has to review tapes of Groundhog Day to the point where he doesn’t know if it is always the same day or not. Your mind right now = blown!

Do you have a favourite podcast or a great title for that awesome Dan Akroyd movie I described? I’d like to hear from you so: Panic, scribble a shaky note, put said note in a small brass cylinder, lightly mist the exterior of the cylinder with female sandhill crane pheromone, hold the cylinder aloft in your non-dominant hand (’cause accidents do happen) until a male sandhill crane grabs it. Once the cylinder is firmly in the grasp of a male sandhill crane comment below alerting me to liberally douse my home with the female pheromone, thus drawing the male crane (and your message) unto me.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast Chop Suey”

  1. I’m going to pretend that I’m the “dude” and take immense pride. If I’m not, keep your mouth shut and let me live in bliss.

    My favourite podcasts are as follows:
    Co-Main Event Podcast (https://www.comainevent.com) – Weekly podcast with two MMA journalists that discuss the previous week’s MMA events/news. Excellent content with a decent amount of humour and sarcasm.

    Podcast Beyond (https://feeds.ign.com/ignfeeds/podcasts/beyond) – Weekly podcast from IGN discussing Playstation console gaming (PS4/PS3/Vita). Also funny with an oddball cast of super nerds.

    The Fighter and the Kid – You already gave it a better description than I ever could. Just a couple of 1-2 cutie pies talking to people.

    Joe Rogan Experience (https://podcasts.joerogan.net) – There can be up to 3 of these a week so I tend not to listen unless he has on a particularly interesting guest. His guests are all over the board from hunters to quantum physicists. Highly recommend a listen if you scroll through his shows and find a guest that you like.

    1. Confirmed! Not only are you the “dude” from the intro, but until I see you eat a whole garlic bulb I’m going to suspect you of being the vampire from the description of “LORE”!

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