Welcome to my new website!

I hope you enjoy poking and peeking about this virtual place in all of its various nooks and crannies.

Why here? Why now? Something, something, bad things, good people?

This website is a dual purpose item, like a spork or a piece of gum you use as a bookmark. First of all, it will be a hub where you can access my various works, from animation to music to books! If you go to other sites there is just so much stuff that isn’t me! Not here. I’m all over these pages.

Secondly, this is a place where we can connect and interact with each other. We can discuss shared interests, ask questions, make comments, or just chill, no big deal, whatever. Let’s be casual. Or formal. I’m so casual that I don’t mind being formal.

What can you find here that you can’t find anywhere else?

While some links here will help you magically travel through cyberspace to sites that are really quite good at sharing videos or helping you download ebooks and mp3s, I intend to reward your journey specifically to this site with some exclusive content, such as: Q & A threads, work-in-progress journals and behind-the-scenes glimpses, photo and art galleries, and original web comics and short fiction.

How can you be sure you won’t miss something awesome?

Unsubscribe to Google and make this your homepage. What? Is that such a big deal? If you want to find something online, just send me a message and I’ll Google it for you!

No? Okay, instead you can favourite this page and even follow it directly by subscribing to Bloglovin.

You can also subscribe through YouTube and follow me on Twitter.

How is such a website possible?

My wife, Jennifer, who is lovely in general, also knows how to do computer things and so here we are. If you want to know her better than that first sentence allowed you to, check her out at her website, The Deliberate Mom


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