“Reading comics is the best thing you can do.” – Ghandi (I think)

Since I was just a wee nerdlet I have enjoyed a variety of comics. By variety, I mean I only read Star Wars, Star Trek, Archie and Batman. Later I expanded my tastes to include various titles of the DC and Marvel Universes, independent comics, auto-biographical graphic novels, manga, etc… If you’re picturing a younger version of me surrounded by girls, you are both incorrect and kinda creepy.

I eventually began writing and drawing my own comics, mostly for my own enjoyment, then later for the semi-enjoyment of dozens, culminating in the self-publishing of a graphic novel, Fortuna’s Ghosts. Stay tuned to this site for some of my vintage work in the near future.

Currently I enjoy sketching rough storyboards out as comic books when exploring a new idea. Whether it ends up as an animated cartoon, a live-action video, or a storybook, a comic is a great way to initially capture all those thoughts.

A comic strip is also a great way to explore an idea that really should not last longer than a few panels, thus, Chicken Fingers.