I’m not really into music.

Just kidding. Seriously, who says that? Of course, I like listening to a variety of music. By variety I mean ACDC.

I enjoy playing music as a way to relax or as a way to avoid having to learn how those “free music for your YouTube videos” dealies work.

I obviously listen to other artists besides ACDC (Until ACDC release a Christmas album and a cover of “O Canada”. Then it will be ACDC only).

Still, kinda joking about ACDC but do you really want to read a list of what I listen to? Did you see the lists I wrote on the Books and Animation pages? What is this? The website for List Master 2: More Lists? Starring C. Thomas Howell and Crispin Glover in the roles made famous by Marky Mark and David Caruso in the original List Master? No, it isn’t.

My favourite ACDC song is Dirty Deeds.

My House (Dad Version)


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