When I was young I wanted to make my own episodes of the Flintstones. Then for a few decades I thought I wanted to do foolish things like help people or make money. Now I realize that five-year-old me was super right and had awesome clothes. Of course, I now know that making my own episodes of the Flintstones would violate some trademark and copyright laws and so I mostly create animation about original characters or historical figures who are too dead to sue me.

With each project I try to learn something new and grow as an animator. For those of you who like to know technical junk: I animate in Toon Boom Studio with the help of a Wacom Bamboo tablet (though many original images are still created with paper and pencil before being scanned and imported into TBS). Most audio is recorded using Audacity and final editing is completed in Sony Vegas Video.

A side benefit of animating is being able to watch cartoons and call it research. I love watching the 80’s action cartoons I grew up with (Bionic Six, Visionaries, He-Man) as well as classic comedy adventures (Rocky and Bullwinkle and the works of Hannah-Barbera). Since man cannot live on nostalgia alone, I am currently enjoying BoJack Horseman, The Mike Tyson Mysteries, Archer, and Adventure Time. Cartoon Saloon, Nick Park, and Tim Burton consistently inspire me to try harder, but also just give up already, but, no, try harder!

Here is a sampling of my animation projects.

Beer Run!

Leonard Cohen’s Sandwich

A Visit From the Old Hag

Gold Dot and the Slimy Monster

Zombie Dead

How the Microwave Wasn’t Invented

Heroes’ Night In



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