Grace: The Interview

This September I released a new animated short entitled “Gold Dot and the Slimy Monster” (watch it here). It is an adaptation of a storybook written and illustrated by my daughter, Grace, and we recently sat down to discuss that project and more. About Gold Dot and the Slimy Monster EB (Me): […]

A comic strip about... chicken fingers! Check it out!

Everything Could Be Awesome: Five LEGO Themes I’d Like To See

When I was little I had Fabuland LEGO sets; Anthropomorphic animals hanging out. Later I moved on to the Castle theme; knights and kings running around with swords. These days there’s Chima; Anthropomorphic animals running around with swords! Do you see where I’m going with this? We live in a golden age! […]

I've tried a number of podcasts. Some I became hooked on, others I outgrew; but my podcast app has a great group of five that I want to share with you.

Podcast Chop Suey

This post contains affiliate links. Clicking a link and making a purchase gives me a small commission. Whoever said “You are your own worst enemy” never met Skeletor. But, the guy who said “You are your own worst DJ” was not only wicked handsome but also quite correct. And he […]

Welcome to my new website!

I hope you enjoy poking and peeking about this virtual place in all of its various nooks and crannies. Why here? Why now? Something, something, bad things, good people? This website is a dual purpose item, like a spork or a piece of gum you use as a bookmark. First […]