I’ve always enjoyed going to stores like Zellers and London Drugs and places where they sell LEGO and candy.

If you went to Books, Animation, and then Music, you’ll know I am joking and have no intention of listing stores I like to go to except the ones I did at the beginning there (which are real and true but I only listed them in a joking way). If you came here to Store first, then this joke sucks for you so: Leave the site (bookmark and subscribe first so you don’t get lost on the way back), check your e-mail (not facebook, that’ll take too long) then return to this site and click on the pages from left to right so this whole paragraph makes sense like a mildly amusing punchline to a website wide joke rather than a rambling and, let’s be honest, off-putting, chunk of weak prose. Is “weak prose” redundant? If you can call it “prose” does that imply that you’ve watered down some good action with extraneous description. Mickey Spillane didn’t write no prose.


Hi, this is a place where you will soon be able to buy things from me. Cool things. Not used items from my house but things I make, sometimes just for you! Until I have products and services available for sale, please enjoy a random photo of money, symbolizing commerce, such as one would use at a real life “store”.

The best second hand shopping tips for your family